Friday, 31 December 2010

Plum Cox Round 6

Just in time!

I know that the tree was supposed to just be in the lower block, but it refused to play by the rules....and I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who's used those lovely floating circles so far - I think that you can see why I'd be saying that (thanks guys!).

Happy New Year, everyone!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

R6: Kate (2nd piece)

Down to the wire! But, as with yesterday's offering, I have actually cheated and finished the next step, too - I'll be scheduling my posting of round 7 for about 2 minutes after midnight on January 1st...

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

R6: Kate

Finally got around to doing one of my round 6 blocks - the other will be on tomorrow's list. Cutting it fine on this one, I know, but I shall make up for it by posting January first thing on the first - I know I can do that, as I have sneakily employed my host's priviledge and already added the January blocks. Cheeky, I know, but there have to be a few perks, right?

Thursday, 23 December 2010

SHRR 6 Julie

I didn't think I'd get it done this month but here is my Round 6.  I made up the 9"x3" block with curved piecing again and then added a 4"x3" square of dupion silk.  I think I got a bit confused when I added the strip as it would have looked better on the left, and it would have matched the instructions!  I may yet take it off and stitch it on the left side or I may add some applique to break up the blue areas.  However, I am chuffed that just by chance the first blue block above the red matches up with the line of adjacent blue.  I'm looking forward to the next bit as ever!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Benta's round six

Apologies for totally disregarding Kate's instructions for round six ... I had two black and white orphan log cabin blocks that I wanted to use now that they were a bit removed from their twin from round 1, so I have added them despite them being far wider than the three inches recommended!

I was slightly better behaved on the pink version: I didn't add two blocks, but my pin wheels do add up to the correct dimensions. My pin wheels are wonky and their points don't match, but the main objective was to make myself do them to check whether I really didn't like them, or whether I just thought I didn't like them! CONCLUSION: I like the look of pin wheels, but I really don't like making them.

Thanks Kate for arranging this: I look forward to 1st January :-)

(For anyone who is keeping up, yes, there is a pale blue SAHR, but no, I haven't got to that one yet!)

R6 Narelle

With all this rainy weather we've been having, it's perfect for some sewing time. So while the sky has been rumbling and the rain pouring down, I took out both my tan and blue scrap containers and started on Round 6.

Today I looked through my "100 Quilt Blocks" book for some inspiration for piecing.

Both have a plain 4" x 3" piece at the top ready for some embelishment later on. Then for the tan project I made 3 small versions of a block called 'Bright Hopes'.

For the blue one I found 'Rope and Anchor' which is a 9" block and made a third of it.

I really am pleased with the way these two have evolved and can't wait for January and instructions for round 7.

Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas.

Monday, 13 December 2010

R6: Sarah

Thought I had better get round 6 done before Christmas takes over. But now I've seen the photograph I've realised I should have sown it the other way round - its top heavy with blue at the bottom!! Oh well I'll have to unpick it.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Step #5 completed

I have caught up to step #5 now...only 1 more to be caught up to the group!
I blogged about it here.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Round 6 - Rhonda

I've just finished round 6 of Stay-at-home-Robin. For once, I'm on schedule and caught up.  The colors I'm working with are from several designers: Civil War, Thimbleberry, Moda and a couple of others I can't remember at the moment.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

R4: Kathy

R5: Rhonda

Rd 6: Cheryll S

Couldn't resist the little snowman... so He found a home in the corner.

Rd 5: Cheryll S

I did actually add 2 pieces as instructed - 4x6 and 4x7 - to the bottom of my block. I joined the 2 blocks together in the blue fabric. If you look closely you can see the join in the middle of the red fabric above it.

Friday, 3 December 2010

R6: Cherie

I jumped right on round 6, woo hoo!!

R6: Janet

As the two blocks in this round hit the edge, I wanted to make sure I balanced out some of the elements I have been using. Thus the 3x4 at the top repeats the triangles from the other side and balances the light pieces. Then I used the 3x9 to pull the darkest brown over for balance. The picture really doesn't fully show the richness of the fabrics, but you can kind of feel the wheat stalk through the two new sections. We'll see when all is said and done. I do suspect that I have some areas that will lend themselves to embellishing It's weird when you have all these ideas but you don't know where the piece is going and which of your ideas may work out or not. This has been a fun project so far and has really made me think about my fabrics, values and shapes as I go.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Round 6

So, time for round six! This month we will be adding two pieces to the left hand side - 3x9" and 3x4". As with last month, I think you will have more fun if you try to make them quite separate.

As you can see from the overall layout below, we are not far away from finishing the basic piecing part of our tops (embellishments, etc being the later required additions).

R5: Toni

Whew....with a few hours to spare left in November (according to Eastern Standard Time Zone), I finished my Round 5 this evening.  Now awaiting for Round 6 tomorrow :)