Sunday, 19 December 2010

Benta's round six

Apologies for totally disregarding Kate's instructions for round six ... I had two black and white orphan log cabin blocks that I wanted to use now that they were a bit removed from their twin from round 1, so I have added them despite them being far wider than the three inches recommended!

I was slightly better behaved on the pink version: I didn't add two blocks, but my pin wheels do add up to the correct dimensions. My pin wheels are wonky and their points don't match, but the main objective was to make myself do them to check whether I really didn't like them, or whether I just thought I didn't like them! CONCLUSION: I like the look of pin wheels, but I really don't like making them.

Thanks Kate for arranging this: I look forward to 1st January :-)

(For anyone who is keeping up, yes, there is a pale blue SAHR, but no, I haven't got to that one yet!)


  1. Love the red/black/ really pops. You are really into this with 3 different looks!!!

  2. Me too! I love your red/black/white block.
    The pinwheels look great but I agree with you about making them.