Saturday, 2 April 2011

Round 10!

OK. The last two rounds have been fairly straightforward - this one is not hard, but you do have a choice to make. So, here goes:

1. If you think you are going to want to embellish your quilt (beads, buttons, doodads, charms, other things which will get in the way of quilting) then this month, you will need to QUILT your piece.

2. If you don't think you are going to want to embellish your quilt then you should either:

2a. Applique or Embroider something on your quilt OR
2b: Rest.

Only two more months to go after this one - I wonder how many of us will actually have a finished product at the end?


  1. I have to do steps eight and nine. So I suppose I will do applique for one and embroidery for the other.

  2. I confess I haven't done this, but in my defence, I had added some appliqué blocks as we went along, and I am happy as they are are. I probably won't embellish either, so I shall sit and watch the rest of you :-)

  3. i did some embroidery and buttons on my winter piece...and sewed buttons on the halloween piece, so i am almost caught up :) (i will probably hand quilt mine, so i dont mind having embellishments in the way)
    i think i will do some more embellishments this month and perhaps start on the hand quilting :) fun fun fun! :)

  4. Ooohh! Goody! I'm looking forward to quilting this. All I need to do is to find some extra time.....perhaps after the school holidays!

  5. I have fallen a bit behind on my quilt (oops!) so I think I'll take what's left of this month to catch up. It is wonderful to see how inventive everyone is being.