Tuesday, 17 May 2011

R11: Plum Cox

 Having quilted last month, I wanted to embellish this month (as instructed!) but also wanted to bind it before I embellished (perhaps jumping the gun a little).  I was lazy and didn't make bias binding for it, but used straight binding and pulled it into shape around the curvy edges.

After that I added a few beads - a scatter over the top right corner, a few larger beads  near the middle, and some more picking out the quilting line on my liberated star.  I may manage some more, but at the moment I'm not sure what more it needs.  The House Critics (DDs 1 and 2) have only two complaints, that there is only one figure on it and that her dress is a bit dull (in fact they pointed out that I had all the colours of the rainbow to choose from, and grey was probably the dullest one to go for.....).
I just need some help with a title for it now.  Any ideas?

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