Saturday, 1 January 2011

R7: Kate

As I mentioned in my round 6 photos, I cheated a little this month and actually added round 7 in the last few days of December. So they are ready to show you straight away! With the batik piece, I decided to add the blocks to the top rather than the bottom, and I'm fairly happy with how this looks before embellishing, etc.

With the Japanese taupe piece, I added them to the bottom, then I really disliked the top.

I grumbled about this to myself for a while, then got inspired to simply turn the piece on it's side, and look...

- much better - the heavier, darker parts really need to go at the bottom and leading down. So, if you get to the finished top point and aren't that happy with your piece, do try turning it around (this will be less practical on some tops, like Lisa's, which feature realistic objects which have tops and bottoms!) to see if you like it better. And don't forget, you will be adding some stuff to the top of it over the next 5 rounds, so don't panic, there's still room to make some more changes and add finishing touches.


  1. Both looking good but I agree the second one benefits from being turned around. I'm looking forward to working on this month's 3 blocks. Happy New Year and thanks for taking the time to get this post ready in advance :-)

  2. I just love following this wonderful project. I favor the black one, but they are both great!