Thursday, 4 November 2010

R5: Janet

My picture is a little dark, but here is my round 5. I kind of adapted the traditional Prairie Queen block to make the 4x6 and then added just a strip of the paisley material for the 4x7. I actually piece the bottom row of the Prairie Queen on upside down, but it seemed to work for me visually so I left it. It's all a grand experiment anyway. There is another tiny error that I told about in my blog but's all a grand's stretching my creative thinking and my sewing I love it. Thanks, Kate. I'll be ready for round 6


  1. I always thought an error brings orginality and are meant to be. :)
    I like how your left side looks like a majestic tree.

  2. This is so organic looking I love all the different fabrics you are using

  3. Yes...I see a tree growing there!