Thursday, 4 November 2010

R5: Julie

You probably can't tell from the photo above but I have definitely made 2 separate blocks in the required sizes. The first block on the right is the blue panel with the snowball block. I have never done a snowball block before and I think my triangles may be a bit big but I like the effect and it leaves an area for potential embellishment later.

The 7" x 4" panel was constructed with more free-curved piecing echoing the fabrics elsewhere in the piece.

I never thought to check how much fabric I had got before I started this Round Robin so each month I am having to improvise with some of the smaller scraps I have. Round Robin is the mother of invention ;))


  1. That is so true! Another one of the reasons that it is a challenge.

  2. I like how you've used curves.
    I've also run out of a fabric or two.

  3. This is so cheery.
    And I never thought about how much fabric I'll need. I hope I'll have enough

  4. i keep picking up blue fabrics for mine only to get them home and find out they arent the right kind of blue (oh darn, extra fabric) :)
    i really like the colors and fabric choices in your quilt though! :)