Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Janet R10

I did quilting on both of mine for round 10.  I had put this off for long enough.  I didn't post a new picture of the prairie piece.  I hand-quilted in the ditch for most of the piece.  The only exceptions are some additional quilting lines at the large wheat head.  That is obviously where my R11 more embellishment needs to go.  Anyway, it didn't look different in a picture.

I did post a picture of a portion of my pink flamingo one.  I love the colors in this, but overall, it has gotten really busy.  I wanted the flamingos to pop a little more.  So I started with hand-quilting around the perimeter of each of the three main flamingos.  I did two rows of that.  Then I used machine stitch lines through the background, jumping over the flamingo spaces.  I like it.  It sort of ties together all the various shapes in the background and helps separate the flamingo shapes.

I am really enjoying this as it has forced me to stretch my imagination.  Thank you, Kate, for organizing it.  I'm trying to tie up lose ends (UFOs) in my quilt stash, so I hope to get on to rounds 11 and 12 for both quilts soon.

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