Sunday, 5 June 2011

Step 12

Many thanks to Plum who reminded me that I hadn't yet posted the June step. This is the final step, folks. I wonder how many of you will actually have a finished project - I know I won't. But that's ok - it's your mini quilt.

So, without further ado, Step 12 is: sleeve (if desired) and bind your quilt! And put a label on, too, if you want to. And don't forget to show photos!


  1. Oh poo! I've only just founf this! How did I not see this?

  2. I've gone off mine a bit so have have been uninspired for the last few months, but now that they've been 'maturing' in a drawer I might like them again, so I'll get them out and try and finish at least one! I read on some blogs that the writer's favourite quilt is the one they are working on. It's not that way for me - my favourites are usually 4 quilts ago, and the one I'm about to start, LOL