Monday, 4 October 2010

Blog authors

Now that the Robin has its own blog rather than being run on my personal blog, I thought I'd offer those of our participants who would like to, the chance to be an author on this blog - which means, you can post your own updates straight to the blog without having to email me and say you've done it and then me post it.

Most of you have your own blogs and are comfortable blogging, so if you'd like to be an author (you wouldn't have admin priveledges - so you wouldn't be able to change design features or edit or delete posts other than your own - not that you'd want to) let me know by email to katelnorth at yahoo dot com and I will send you an invite (it has to be by email, because I have to send the invite to your email address).

If you don't feel comfortable blogging here, don't worry, I am happy to carry on posting for you - and I will still be adding everyone to the "pages" tabs myself anyway, just thought this might be a simpler way of managing some of the updates - especially in times where I am super busy and don't have a chance to post things straight away!

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